Neils Schweiger


Born in Augsburg, Germany Neils’ mother died of a drug overdose when he was just three. He was sent to Nesselwang, a small town located in the German Alps, to live with his aunt, the only known relative the court could locate. Neils has never known his father, his aunt always ignoring his inquiries or quickly changing the subject whenever it comes up. His aunt has never showed any care for him, only for the Kindergeld (Child Allowance) she received every month from the government as his guardian.

From the age of 12, Neils was routinely delivered home by the Polezei until his string of petty crimes landed him in the Pforzheim Jugendstrafanstalt (Juvenile Detention Center) at the age of 14. The Pforzheim detention center was known as a no nonsense institute amongst its peers, but with the locals it was rumoured to be an evil place with many dark secrets. Neils remained in Pforzheim until the age of 17, when he managed an escape during a horrible fire at the facility.

Living on the streets until his 18th birthday, Neils joined the Bundeswehr (German Army) as an infantryman. Shortly after starting his second term of service he was approached to join a special unit of the prestigious Alpenkorps (Mountain Division), which he eagerly accepted. After several routine tours in relatively calm deployments, his squad was shipped off to the remote mountains of Afghanistan to take part in covert operations.

Stabsunteroffizer Schweiger awakes from a drunken haze to find himself at the edge of a strange mist, standing in the middle of a street in a small town. Although he tries to shake off the clouds from his mind, he has no recollection how he ended up halfway around the world.

Neils Schweiger

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