Mort Doyle

“A person starts dying when they stop dreaming - it is time to awaken from this."


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Only one who walks through the Mists can recognize brionglóid – yet the people of this town are stuck within it all the same.

Trapped within a dream they can not escape – a dream that ignores old laws and custom. Man is meant to die – how can we know spring if there is no winter? Yet here, in this domain, man lives on and even when death strikes – it moves on without finishing the job. Watching old men live on and on, observing the same tired boring moment of “death” replayed in a spectral loop, and suffering the dead to walk – snubbing death of its due. I have come to make amends – to see the old oaths obeyed and those who would break them laid low.

So I have come through the mists like any other – but with purpose and direction. With vision and insight. My opponent is crafty and cunning, yet in the end every dream must cease and Cailleach must receive her due.

Echos of Arcadia
A Roll in the Hay
Breaking in the New Home
Words on the Wind

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Mort Doyle

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