Z&D/Colt Commander

A custom weapon from the Town's gunsmiths

weapon (ranged)
Ranged Weapon Table
Guns (Pistol),
(DX-4 or most other Guns at -4)
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Malf
6+2 Z&D/Colt Commander, .45 ACP 2d pi+ 2 150/1,600 3/0.5 3 8+1(3) 10 -2 3 $2,600/$80 4 16

Notes: all Town-made firearms have changeable bronze barrels. If the barrel is not changed after 200 rounds fired, the weapon suffers penalties of -1 to Acc and -1 Malf per further 100 rounds fired.

Spare barrels weigh and cost 20% of the basic gun weight and cost. They take 5 turns to change – but if changed just after being fired may be hot enough to burn unprotected skin for 1d minutes of moderate pain.


The Colt Commander is a 1949 variant of the venerable Colt Government (HT98), a single-action, semi-automatic usually chambered for .45 ACP although it has been seen in 9mm parabellum and .38 Super.

The Zimmerman and Dera copy is a handmade brass weapon with a bronze rifled, changeable, barrel – and usually intricately engraved. Each is unique.

Z&D/Colt Commander

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