Ute Medicine Bag

Ancient magical item from the Museum


Gadget: DR2, Unrepairable, SM-6, Stolen by QC-DX, Unique
Not for fay races

Injury Tolerance (Homogenous) 8pts



Found in the possession of Prof Kramer, the Town’s Musuem curator, this item radiates magic but so far nothing else is known about it. It is a skin bag, of unknown type, about the size of an out-stretched hand, decorated with beads and what appear to be iron bells which nevertheless do not audibly chime.

The bells chime in infrasound, keeping the bag from regenerating an entire fay Jack In Irons from the skin. The bag confers the advantage “Injury Tolerance – Homogenous” when it is worn. It will not work for any member of the Fay.

Ute Medicine Bag

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