Mr. Bigglesworth

Creepy Ventroloquist's Dummy


Mr Bigglesworth used to belong to one resident at Chilcott House and has now attached itself to another, Lucius Graham. It’s a 20’s style ventroloquist’s dummy dressed in a formal tuxedo, white shirt and red bow tie. It stands about 2 1/2 feet tall. He found it in an old steamer trunk on the top floor and it is now his almost constant companion.

When the dummy’s head is hit, it will rotate freely for a few seconds – and then stop looking directly at Lucius. If the dummy is scratched with a knife point, then Lucius gets a scratch in exactly the same place. If he leaves it anywhere while he sleeps, when he wakes it is back in its trunk, which now sits at the foot of his bed.

Understandably, Lucius is afraid to leave it alone, given how damage to it is damage to him.

However, he has also taken to dressing just like the dummy, whereas before his favored style was modern grunge. He and Mr Bigglesworth sometimes appear at the Town Theater to do a Vaudeville act of double-entendres, risque jokes and thinly-veiled pokes at the Town’s most powerful figures.

Mr. Bigglesworth

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