Blade of Winter

weapon (melee)
Broadsword (DX-5, Rapier -4, Saber -4, Shortsword -2, Two-Handed Sword -4)
TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
3 Thrusting Broadsword sw+3 cut 1 0 $4,800 3 10
or thr+4 imp 1 0 10 See Below

Very Fine Quality: -2 to break and +2 to cutting and impaling damage. 4 times base cost.
Balanced: +1 to Skill with this weapon. 4 times base cost.

(Modifiers: Magical, Gadget (DR22, SM -2, Stolen by ST Quick Contest, Irrepairable, Unique) = -80% max)

Binding 10 (Engulfing, +60%; Blood Agent, -40%; Link, Geimhreadh, +10%; Magic, -10%; Geimhreadh, -80%) [9pts] and Innate Attack +4d Freezing (Fatigue; Hazard, Freezing, +20%; Follow-Up Attack, -20%; Magic, -10%; Geimhreadh, -80%) [8pts]
When Geimbreadh cuts into the skin of a target, its icy coldness seeps into their blood, doing 4d fatigue damage that can only be recovered by rest in adequate shelter with a heat source, just as for FP lost due to freezing conditions. Further, the cold seeps from the blood into the skin, forming a shell of ice around his entire body. He is pinned as if by a man with ST 10; he can not move his limbs or speak. Further strikes increase the Binding’s ST by 1 each. He can break free in one of two ways – either break the ice with attacks, or by shear strength.
Obscure Vision 4 (Geimhreadh, -80%; Magic, -10%; Fog, +0%) [1pts]
While Geimhreadh is drawn, it can emit a thick, cold mist in a two-yard radius that impairs the vision of any trying to see through it. This mist provides a -2 penalty to see through it per yard, allowing those outside the mist to see into the center at -4 (and vice versa). There is a -8 penalty to see from one side of the mist all the way through to the other side.
Walk on Mist (Geimhreadh, -80%; Magic, -10%; Accessibility – Only on Fog, -30%; Granted to User, +100%) [5pts]
Mind Shield (Geimhreadh, -80%; Magic, -10%; Granted to User, +100%) [4pts]
Magic Resistance (Geimhreadh, -80%; Magic, -10%; Granted to User, +100%) [4pts]

Modifying STBased Damage in GURPS Powers:
Base cost of Imp. attack (24pts) – modified to +3dice [24pts]
Base cost of Cut. attack (21pts) -modified to +3dice and alternate attack [5pts]

Named Possession – “Geimhreadh, The Blade Of Winter” (1). Item gains CP at the same rate as Character does, and can gain powers thereby.
Signature Gear (1). Item gains plot protection – it’s as much a part of your legend as as your reputation and skills.


Geimhreadh is a expertly crafted blade from the realms of Fairy. In the ending of the long age of ice the courts of winter were brought in line by the rest of the Unseelie courts. It was a period of prominence for the Unseelie, but the tribes of winter were upsetting the balance. The great balance being the core principle and belief of all Fay – it was time to police their own.

Mort’s story began in the last days of this war, the need for Dullahan to pass judgment breathing life into their numbers. This is also the turning point into a new chapter for the blade Geimhreadh, the Sword of Winter. Held by a general of the Snow Queen Sneedronningen, a mighty ice giant, the sword was gifted to Mort for his role in bringing death to the neigh unkillable foe.

The sword has lain dormant, in a hibernation, for over a thousand years. The rumors and tales speak that it was crafted from a shard of ice that encased Ymir when many of the Fay still walked as gods. The tales may be true or false, only the sword will tell and only if it awakens.


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