Drumm Cells

The Town's portable power


Invented by James J. Drumm in 1932, the Drumm Cell is a development of Thomas Edison’s original design for a large nickel-zinc battery and further improved by town engineers, the Drumm Cell is the Town’s widely used provider of portable DC electrical power. They use common ingredients which can be easily recycled and use no flammable active material or acid electrolyte. They work well at low temperatures – essential in Town winters – and are well suited to fast charging, taking only 2 and half hours to achieve a full charge. These batteries are remarkably resilient, lasting up to ten years through hundreds of thousands of charge/discharge cycles.

Drumm Cells are TL6+2 technology and come in two sizes:

Large (L) are lunchbox-sized and used to power tools. 10lbs, $50.

Very large (VL) are toolbox-sized batteries usually found in the Town’s electric vehicles. 50lbs, $100.


Drumm Cells

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