Billy's .38 Special

weapon (ranged)

It’s a dull grey standard issue .38 Special. The only thing notable about the gun is the lack of any serial numbers anywhere on it due to it predating the Gun Control Act of 1968. The handle inlays look to have been replaced and handcrafted roughly.

TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots Bulk Rcl LC Notes Page
6 Colt .38 Special Official Police 2d pi 2 110/1200 2.3/.2 3 6(2i) -2 2 3 1 PG1:12

It’s the only thing he’s ever really ever loved if you don’t include the wife he killed with it. He keeps it clean and always loaded. The only time you won’t find it tucked in his belt, it’s wrapped in his hand buried under a pillow. It’s the only thing he’s cared enough about to keep track of over the years even through the lost years of drug binges. Despite Billy‘s history with the gun, he couldn’t tell you how he acquired it.

Billy's .38 Special

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