William Schrull (dead)

Deputy Marshall


Schrull came to the Town sometime in the late 40s and fairly soon afterwards became a Deputy. He’s often seen in Judge Jainlett’s company when he isn’t cruising the streets in his electric-conversion 1949 Hudson Super 6. He speaks with a definite German accent and usually wears a heavy black sweater to which he pins his badge. He’s sensitive about the scars on his arms, which appear to be large burns.

Schrull, who tops out about 6’2" and easily 230lbs, seems to actively enjoy violence and is extraordinarily strong even for someone of his size. Few try to cross him as he has a notoriously unstable temper and an uncanny ability to ignore pain.

The PCs believe that Schrull is an Ubermench experiment, a super-soldier who is the product of Nazi scientists experimenting on fanatical members of the SS. He apparently burned off his Nazi tattoos while hiding out in Argentina after the war. He’s habitually armed with a nightstick, a pump-shotgun and a 9mm pistol, but is also competent with a duelling saber.

Police car

William Schrull (dead)

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