Jim Longham

Team boss on the day shift at the Mine


“Big Jim”, or “Jimmy” to his workmates and friends, James Patrick Longham is husband to Fiona Longham, the covert Black Chamber agent who has offered the players her assistance. He’s an almost typical miner: a big, burly, hard-drinking and hard-fighting man, but he absolutely dotes on his wife and moves when he’s around her with a tentative gentleness as if he’s afraid he might crush her by accident. He’s definitely no-where near as bright as she is, but he’s strong and kind and hard-working. It’s possible Jim is some form of were-animal, a big one.

In an encounter with a Drelnoch, Jim was taken by the creature to whatever fell place it “jumped” to. His were-bear toughness and tenacity allowed him to survive until he could return to the Town through a rift which had been used to summon another Drelnoch during the assault on merschman mansion.

Jim Longham

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