Fiona Longham


Fiona Longham is an Incomer, arriving in the late 90s by hiking in over the mountains. She had been an young scientist on the Outside, studying the ecology of the Washington State forests for the federal government, and had become lost in the fog.

Fiona is bright as a button, usually of a cheery disposition and determined to find some scientific explanation and solution to the Town’s enigma. She works in the Library now, and pours through books and Town records in much of her off time, making copious notes. The rest of the time, she’s either baking at home or wandering in the lower woods.

Fiona’s husband Jim works in the mine. He’s an almost typical miner: a big, burly, hard-drinking and hard-fighting man, but he absolutely dotes on his wife and moves when he’s around her with a tentative gentleness as if he’s afraid he might crush her by accident. He’s definitely no-where near as bright as she is, but he’s strong and kind and hard-working.

(Fiona’s secret has recently been revealed to the PCs: her origin story above is just a cover – she’s really an agent for the Black Chamber who stumbled into the Town while on a mission and was trapped there like every other Incomer. She still carries her warrant card and could use it to try to compell obedience should she need to.

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Fiona Longham

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